Welcome! Dr.Sigrid Niedermayer
2007年3月23日、ASPnet International Coordinatorである、Dr.Sigrid Niedermayerが本校のESDの実践を視察するため来校されました。
●15:10 Arrivial at Ikeda Senior High School Attached to Osaka Kyoiku University
●15:40 Presentation by Our Students (MC : Member of UNESCO Club)
"What can I do as a High School Student ?"

"Our Idea −In oder to make a sustainable society−"

"High School Students in Japan" Members of Visit group for Korea

Questions from Dr.Sigrid Niedermayer

16:40 Ceremony
Message from Dr.Sigrid Niedermayer

Ferewell Address by Mr.Okumura,Vice Principal

Memorial Photos
coming soon!
●17:20 Exchange between teachers
18:20 Departure